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Your Next WildFest Experience:

MAY 6-10, 2020

WildFest is a celebration of life!

Get ready to transform!

If you believe a life worth living is a life worth living well, this is for you!

By now, you know the incredible transformation WildFit creates. 

Success stories pour in daily from members all over the world celebrating their newfound passion for life.

And now, for the second time in WildFit history, we’re going to fuel that passion with an unforgettable experience.

WildFest is a powerful transformational retreat designed to help you celebrate the beauty of life and bond deeply with your WildFit tribe. Together, we’ll explore exactly what it means to take your life to a new level.

WildFest is the ultimate celebration of health, vitality & extraordinary living.

And you’re invited.

This Years Location:

Costa Rica!



Waking up to the dramatic scenery of the Arenal Volcano, surrounded by the stunningly beautiful evergreen rainforest of Costa Rica. Exotic birds chirping with confidence while fresh tropical air runs through your lungs as you take your deep morning breaths. You hear your tribe members laugh at the breakfast table, chanting ‘’cheers’’ as they down their freshly made green Alkagizers.

You look around and see that all chairs are taken. Except for one – yours.

Another day of bonding, exploring and celebration is waiting for you… sounds like a dream, right?

Luckily, at WildFest, that dream will come true!

And as one of the most biodiverse islands on this planet, there’s no doubt in our minds that your experience on this stunning island will produce memories that will last a lifetime. 


And if the location doesn't do it for you...

Here are 4 more ways WildFest will inspire you:

There’s nothing else that will set you up for life-changing opportunities than a community like this. 

At WildFest, you won’t just meet interesting people, you’ll meet your tribe! Imagine being able to talk with everyone you meet about your WildFit journey and really have them “get it”.

What an incredible way to build lasting and meaningful friendships!

Your ticket to WildFest includes nutritionally-dense, cleansing and delicious WildFit friendly meals, snacks and of course, Alkagizers.

There’ll be no need for you to wonder about ingredients or make a special request with the chef.  We’ll take care of it all for you so that you can focus on enjoying yourself and building community. 

(Be careful, you’ll most definitely get inspiration for your own cooking skills, but here at WildFest, we’ll be taking care of you so you can leave your blender at home)


With such inspiring people coming together, we can’t help but to promise you a massive dose of FUN.

Each day will be packed with an incredible combination of valuable experiential learning, adventures on the island, outgoing parties and communal celebration.

Believe us when we say:
You. Will. Have. Fun.

Your WildFit transformation was NOT an accident. The program was strategically designed to produce powerful transformation and lasting results. 

WildFest won’t be any different. You’ll be guided through Eric’s step-by-step formula to create behavioral change and positive shifts in all areas of your life. 

Be prepared to experience an event full of personal growth, learning, exploring and of course, loads of fun! 

  • You’ll feel lighter and more grounded
  • You’ll have more clarity in areas you might have felt stuck
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and others
  • You’ll have more confidence to move towards your goals and dreams
  • You’ll wish you had done this sooner!
Prepare to immerse yourself into powerful transformational workshops and experiences!
  • How to heal your past so that you create a powerful, fulfilling and exciting future
  • How to interrupt ‘bad’ habits that are stealing your time, energy and health so that you can be more productive and live a more fulfilling life.
  • How to end ‘analysis paralusis’ and get clarity about who you are, where you want to go, how you want to live so that decisions become easy.
  • How to discover both your purpose in life and the various missions that will inspire you to live a truly compelling life.
  • How to create a Daily Launch Routine that will make sure your days are productive, fun and fulfilling.
  • How to attract the people, opportunities, and circumstances you want into your life quickly and easily.
  • How to eliminate or change the two kinds of limiting beliefs so that you can achieve your full potential.


To guarantee an exclusive experience, we’ve secured the entire resort for our WildFit community. 
This means everyone you meet in  the halls, by the pool or in the dining room will be a fellow WildFitter.
No need to explain to anyone what you mean when you say: “I’m in Spring”!

Speakers & Special Guests...

Rave reviews from WildFest 2018

Donna Webb
Donna Webb
WildFest 2018
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“It was incredible, I’ve never been so engaged and connected as I was during WildFest. The community of people were fantastic. I look forward to going to more events by the team”
Julie Brown
Julie Brown
WildFest 2018
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“Exceptional, extraordinary! One thinks of conference content and inspirational speakers when doing an evaluation but WildFest was so so much more. Yes content but connection, collaboration, event cleansing. Fun, refreshing, motivating AND amazing, authentic attendees you will want for your friends FOREVER!!!!”
David Thibault
David Thibault
WildFest 2018
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"WildFest was one of those events that you'll not only spend the rest of your life talking about but one you'll want to re-live, if ever possible. Eric and the team pulled off some kind of magic by including great learning information, great food, a way to connect with everyone in an exceptionally intimate way, and even a full moon on the beach! Wow! I truly felt like I found my tribe. It's like coming home!"
Brenda G. Aronitz
Brenda G. Aronitz
WildFest 2018
Read More
"WildFest 2018 at Cabarete, Dominican Republic was so much fun! I loved meeting the other coaches in person! It was a small group which I enjoyed. Beautiful location and fun activities! Loved the high vibe of the WildFit tribe!!!! It had amazing energy. Sounds like it is going to be a lot bigger in Costa Rica 2020."
  • An exclusive paradise resort 
  • Daily WildFit friendly meals
  • A unique Costa Rican adventure (more details to come!)
  • Themed celebrations and parties
  • Inspirational speakers and special guests
  • Revitalizing Yoga and movement sessions
  • Deep bonding with your WildFit tribe
  • Meet and connect with  the man behind it all…Eric Edmeades! 

You deserve to celebrate your transformation. 
Join us for the ultimate WildFit experience at WildFest 2020!

Ready to have the time of your life?

Your all-inclusive ticket options will be available soon...



Double Occupancy

(Shared Room)**

(Save $500)


Single Occupancy

(Private Room)

(Save $500)


**You’ll either share a room with your partner or we’ll pair you with a same-gender (non-snoring) roommate.
Check out the FAQ for more info.


For your convenience, your hotel accommodation is fully included in your WildFest ticket! Your travel to the event is not included. Once your registration has been confirmed, we will email you all exact details showing you step-by-step how to easily (And cheaply) get to the resort.

We hold a unique ‘’your-mind-will-be-blown’’- guarantee. Which means that if you participate in the event and you don’t feel like your mind is blown by it, we will give you your money back!

The instant we receive the notification that you claimed your ticket, you will get a very special message which explains you exactly how to prepare for this WildFest! You’ll also receive a clear confirmation email giving you all the details you need for now.

The currency is USD.

You will be staying at the beautiful Arenal Manoa hotel in Costa Rica, which is situated in the Costa Rican rainforest with spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano.

The exact answer to this question is Coming soon. We are looking into the options of a group shuttle from the JRO airport to Arenal Manoa Hotel. The travel time from the airport to the venue is 3 hours and so why travel alone!

Book your flights to Juan Santamaria International Airport, Airport code: SJO.
This airport is the most convenient and closest to the resort. The drive is about 3 hours and we’re currently looking for group shuttle options so you can connect with your fellow tribe members even on your way to the resort!

No, we will be taking care of the room-allocation. we’ll do our best to pair you up with someone who doesn’t snore all night long but since our anti-snoring machine isn’t always 100% accurate, the only thing we guarantee is that you’ll be paired up with a same gender roommate. (Of course, if you want to share a room with your partner, we’ll be making sure you 2 get assigned to the same room)

During WildFest you’ll receive A LOT of thought provoking exercises and information so YES, we highly recommend you to bring a laptop or notebook to be fully prepared for the WildFest transformations that are waiting for you.

YES! WildFest is all about community and connecting with one another. Eric will be fully engaged during WildFest. You’ll be eating, learning, exploring and even partying with Eric and the WildFit team!

Well, we’re going to a very tropical location so we recommend not to pack your winter coat ;). Bring your summer outfit, including flip flops, sunglasses and your flamingo shirt! (Oh, don’t forget sunscreen either!). Also, in the emails you’ll receive after you've gotten your ticket, we’ll give you all the information about the extremely fun themed parties we have in store for you. But that’s not something to think about now.

YES! Your ticket to WildFest comes with 3 lavish and delicious meals!
Food is an important part of WildFest and we’ll make sure you do not have to worry about it at all!

Although the food at WildFest will be specifically catered to the summer, we will be able to adjust the mails to fit spring as well!

WildFest is officially an adult only event. However, children above 12 are allowed to come with a ticket for themselves. If you want your kid to come over but he/she is under 12, please contact support. Support@getwildfit.com

Yes! Everyone has the opportunity to buy 2 tickets for WildFest, one for you and one for your partner.

The theme of WildFest 2020 is ''Transformation'' and it will be PACKED with valuable insights, deep connections with the tribe and once in a lifetime experiences!

You can download the overall schedule by clicking on this link: WILDFEST PROGRAM SCHEDULE

Please note that the program is subject to change as Eric prefers to keep most of the program flexible for as long as possible to guarantee the best results during the event!

This will be the ultimate way for you to retreat from the everyday grind, have fun, connect and enjoy your life to the fullest.

We are happy to help you. Please email support@getwildfit.com with your additional questions.

Join the Celebration!

MAY 6-10, 2020

Need help?
Contact: support@getwildfit.com

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